Cancer Treatment in Oncocenter Ichilov

Ichilov is the leading cancer center in Israel, founded in 1961. It develops and implements innovative cancer treatment methods. It also employs the country's leading oncologists who solve health issues of any difficulty.

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Precise Cancer Diagnosis in Our Clinic

Diagnosis in Oncocenter Ichilov is the most important step in cancer treatment. According to our statistics, 25-30% of cancer diagnoses made in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus don’t get confirmed in Israel. Our cancer center employs the most advanced diagnostic equipment. This is why the patient learns their precise cancer diagnosis in 3-4 days after arrival.

Successful Treatment in the Cancer Center

Oncocenter Ichilov ensures all the conditions for successful cancer treatment. The physicians apply modern treatment protocols and use latest-generation equipment. Israeli oncologists always try to choose sparing tumor treatment methods. Foreign patients are provided with an interpreter. The cost of treatment procedures in Israel is lower than in Germany or the USA.

Rehabilitation and Recovery

After complex cancer treatment, it is necessary to apply for rehabilitation with professional physicians. Every patient in Oncocenter Ichilov receives an individually developed recovery program. An oncologist/rehabilitation specialist constantly monitors the patient's health.

Benefits of the Oncocenter

67 Ichilov physicians

were included into the list of the best Israeli doctors according to Forbes.

Only 3-4 days

are required to make a diagnosis.

25-30% of diagnoses

made in post-Soviet countries do not get confirmed by the Ichilov professors.

65% of patients

visit Oncocenter Ichilov for complex procedures and surgery.

More than 2500

applications are submitted monthly by patients from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the CIS.

The "Da Vinci" Robot in Israel

Oncocenter Ichilov offers minimally invasive surgical procedures with the use of the "Da Vinci" robot for kidney, liver, prostate, uterine and stomach surgery. Robotic procedures ensure high precision and fewer complications.


The most precise method of brain tumor detection. MRI also provides quality images of internal organs.


A unique method of cancer detection. Helps to precisely evaluate the spread of cancer and locate its metastases larger than 2.5mm.

Linear Accelerator

Modern accelerators target the tumor with high doses of radiation with no harm to healthy tissues. Oncocenter Ichilov is equipped with the newest linear accelerators in Israel.


Benefits of Cancer Treatment in Israel

Oncocenter Ichilov is world-renowned because:


of the clinic's physicians hold a Professor title;


of surgical procedures are sparing;


of cancer patients are treated with innovative methods developed less than 5 years ago.

Karina (Novosibirsk), breast cancer

I was diagnosed with breast cancer. A Moscow oncologist told me I needed surgical removal of the breast and ovaries, and Herceptin therapy. Of course, I would not be able to have children after such treatment. In Israel, I was diagnosed with a totally different, hormone-independent kind of tumor.

Sergey (Moscow), stomach cancer

I came to Israel by plane for surgical treatment of stomach cancer because I knew about the high level of Israeli medicine. My expectations were justified: I saw a well-organized system. The world-renowned oncologist, Professor Moshe Inbar, made the final diagnosis. He offered me two options for cancer treatment.

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3 Steps for Cancer Treatment

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Start Treating Cancer Right Now!

Start Treating Cancer Right Now!


Oncologists of Oncocenter Ichilov

Moshe Inbar

Leading Israeli oncologist. Diagnosis and treatment of adenocarcinoma of any location. Chemotherapy.

Ofer Merimsky

The country's leading specialist in treating lung cancer and sarcoma in various sites, including osteosarcoma. Radiation therapy.

Joseph Klausner

Head of Surgery Department. Surgical treatment of tumors in the colon, rectum, stomach, liver, pancreas.

Dan Grisaru

Head of Gynecologic Oncology Department. Surgical treatment for uterine, cervical, ovarian cancer.